Massage Services

Swedish Massage 
This traditional massage employs long, flowing strokes along with kneading techniques to alleviate muscle soreness and stimulate circulation. 
This full body treatment can be done lightly or firmly, but is not muscle specific.
50 minute session $85
80 minute session $115

Deep Tissue Massage 
A form of massage that focuses on all layers of muscles and connective tissue from superficial to deepest with slower, stronger strokes and techniques. 
This is a treatment specific for those looking to relieve tension and stiff muscles.
50 minute session $100
80 minute session $145

Signature Massage 
An invigorating massage that flushes muscles of toxins, alleviates stiffness, stimulates circulation to replenish your body's natural state.
50 minute session $110
80 minute session $155

Warm Stone Massage 
Feel your stress melt away as steaming, polished river rocks, rich in nourishing mineral content, are placed along your back.  Gentle strokes leave you feeling totally renewed, releasing any tension or pain. The rest of the treatment is performed with stones held in therapist hands, for full body relaxation.
50 minute session $95

Prenatal Massage

A must have treat for mommy to be. A certified therapist will perform body specific needs to ensure relaxation and to stimulate circulation
50 minute session $95

Spot Treatment Massage 
An in depth treatment to either upper or lower body. muscle specific for ensured relief.
30 minute session $65

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